Travel To The Misty Mountains On Your Next Film Night In With Yankee Candles UK


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Nothing says a cosy evening in then lighting a candle and snuggling up in your living room with a good film. I adore nothing more than setting up my living room for a film night with my favourite scents. Especially Yankee Candle melts, which I use all the time. Especially the Christmas Memories scent.

Whenever I head into Clintons card shop, I can’t help but pick up a few of them and have a good old sniff of all the scents around. It still haunts me to this day that I never brought the Valentine’s Day one, which mixed two loving smells together. Yet, as summer hits and the company release new smells, my heart is being mended by the beauty of the fresh scents of sun, sea and that good old summer breeze.

A few days ago, the company asked me if I would like to review one of their summer smells, Misty Mountains, I instantly said yes and started planning a film night in. Blankets, sweet smells and good food are a must for this. However, to give myself a little bit of a trial run and to see what more people thought of the smell, I decided to light in last night to find out what the whole family thought.

Made up of Pine, Spearmint, Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Patchouli, the candle has an outdoors smell that reminds you of when you first wake up in a new place on holiday. Picture this: a cabin somewhere in the wild overlooking a waterfall or a magical forest and this is the scent of Misty Mountains wrapped into one.

I loved the look and the smell was even better, which I will admit I was surprised at because I am not the biggest fan of lavender. I could smell it but with it mixed into all the other scents, it wasn’t overpowering but delicate and vibrant. I definitely see this as more of a morning candle and so did my mum. However, it would be a perfect fit too for a sunset dinner.

As part of their new Just Go range, Yankee Candle has made a number of summer scents that will transport you on holiday and I know for a fact that Misty Mountains won’t be the last one I try. Tropical Jungle, Coconut Splash and Warm Desert Wind all have my eye on them. Especially the coconut one, which is a dream for me as I am obsessed with anything coconut. However, as a starter I am really glad I tried Misty Mountains, as it is a scent I wouldn’t normally have chosen out of the collection, but have ended up falling hard for.

With my parents going away in a few days, I am going to have a special night all to myself with no interruptions, as I catch up on all the latest releases with this gorgeous scent. All I need now is for the sun to stay and never go away until I can get my autumn Yankees out.

Discover more about the range on the Yankee Candle website lovelies and let me know in the comments below when the perfect time is to light and use your Yankee Candles! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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