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With an all-star cast, led by Jason Clarke, The Senator is a film that many will judge before they have seen it. With a small release, it is easy to miss out on watching it. However, The Senator is a fantastic political thriller that will shine a light on a Kennedy brother that many don’t know about.

In a world where politics is all over the place, Clarke plays Sen. Ted Kennedy, the brother of JFK, as he drives his car off a bridge in Massachusetts. The accident leads to the death of passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, who works alongside Kennedy to build his campaign. All of which leading to a detailed examination of his life and the disasters that led to the horrific event.

Clarke is often an actor who delivers time and time again but is easily lost in the Hollywood bubble. With performances like this though, he is proving that his on-screen presence is a powerful one. In fact, it is an award-worthy one, which hopefully as more people see this film it leads to.

The story is detailed and provides an inside look at a man that many audiences will have never heard of before, let alone seen inside. Instead of taking the easy root to focus on JFK, this story is fresh and vibrant in terms of teaching others about those who helped build the political system in America.

Clarke’s performance is matched highly by his co-stars, especially Bruce Dern’s and Kate Mara’s who are both impeccable at delivering their characters’ lives to the audiences. Director John Curran has made sure in fact that all his actors were well chosen and it is a commendable thing.

With performances that help to make the characters stay with audiences well after viewing and a fresh story about American politics, this film is a highlight of the year and definitely not one to be missed.

There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars

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