The Blacklist Season Five DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

The Blacklist is one of those shows that you can fall into and end up binge watching for hours! No corner is left unturned, no character left behind and no story afraid to be told.

In its fifth season, the show follows everything from the mystery Red is keeping from them to the crimes connected to the secret being held. However, nothing captures the series like the discovery of the identity of the bones found within the duffel bag.

Full to the brim with spine-tingling goodness that will have you thrilled right up until the end - leaving a need for more - the series is as gripping if not more so than before. The acting is superb and has been taken on a completely different route. With the familiar characters being given new leases of life from this.

Leading man James Spader delivers twists and turns with such enthusiasm that you can’t help but match it as a viewer. All forgiveness is given after the year-long wait to find out who was in the bag and when it is delivered Spader knows just what to do with the discovery.

Whilst most seasons begin to dim a little as they go on, season five of The Blacklist is only getting brighter. In fact, a name change to The Lightlist would be great, as there is a star shining high above this show. Made up of 22 episodes, it honestly doesn’t feel like what we get is enough. More is needed and ASAP!

There so, I am giving it...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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