Narcos Season Three DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

If you have a Netflix account then you have more than likely scene Narcos! Everyone who is anyone is watching and the world goes crazy when a full season appears on the streaming service.

Don’t worry though if you haven’t seen it, because the third season has finally arrived on DVD and Blu-ray! And it is time to escape the sun and get binging. With the hunt for Pablo Escobar over, the DEA is now on the hunt for those involved in the biggest drug trafficking organisation around. However, those within it are not going to let them discover the deep dark world they have created so easily.

Like many Netflix dramas, there are light-hearted actions and then the deepest of brutality that can be shown on TV. Without its leading man, it would be easy to now dismiss this show with the idea that it has nowhere to go. However, that certainly isn’t the case!

Pedro Pascal, Damián Alcázar, Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan all bring a flare to the story that makes you forget about Escobar by the second episode. Especially Pascal, who takes over as the leading man with a coolness and edge that hints that this has been the show and spotlight moment he has been waiting for. And deserves!

With gripping action sequences that lead right up to the end of the season with a chase to find who they have been searching for making some of the best moments, the creators know how to make an audience stay.

They know that they must not hold back viewers when it comes to them enjoying what they have found so refreshing in this show. Like Sons of Anarchy, it popped out of nowhere. But now, as its third season ends on a high, it has proven that it is going nowhere.

There so, it has earned itself this...

4 Stars

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Joey X

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