James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D Review


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James Cameron is known for his big blockbuster films. Mention Avatar, Titanic and Terminator and you all know the man behind the camera. But not many would expect him to be the subject in front of it in the new National Geographic feature, Deepsea Challenge 3D.

Exploring his love of Deepsea diving, the film sees the filmmaker exploring the unknown wonders of the ocean during a trip in 2012. An expedition that made him the first person to go to the deepest parts of the planet since 1960. A not very easy feat for many.

Fans of Cameron will enjoy seeing how far he will go for his love, but the film presents a whole message that you never really get to explore. Cameron built the Deepsea Challenge to show the depths of his obsession and the beauty of the sea. But with only 30 minutes of actual footage of the expedition, which is often obscured there isn’t much fun in it. In fact, the film begins to drag on and audiences who will want a state-of-the-art feature like his films won’t find it here.

While the home release doesn’t come with the 3D element, it seems that it may not even benefit the story. For a picture like this, it seems that making it into a 4DX piece would have been better. It would have given audiences a new chance to see what lies in our waters and a pure purpose for the footage that is shown.

Plus, it appears the filmmakers don’t really give us the real James. With many stating the demands and needs of the director to make the mission happen, they are never shown. It is more of a look at how Cameron has used his childhood dream to get here he wants. Not the journey on how he got there and the lengths it has taken others to help him make it possible.

Whilst the film is a great chance to see a personal look at Cameron, it fails to bring a wave of nuance and meaning. Big fans of the director will enjoy his reflective monologues, but other than that the feature doesn’t draw you in as much as you would have hoped, which is why it has earned itself this…

2 ½ Stars

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