Ghost Stories DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Years ago, the west end was alive with the news of a new play called Ghost Stories. No one was allowed to mention what happened in the plot. Audiences were left terrified and the time it was meant to be on stage was extended.

All of which leading to the smash being placed on the big screen. With Martin Freeman leading the way, the film is the child shared between horror fans and their love of the genre. Taking audiences on a scare-filled journey from start to finish with the stories of three horrified men and how they all became that way.

From the get-go, you wonder how the terrifying atmosphere that they built on stage would be able to be recreated on screen. But those fears can be left at home, as the unsettling feature uses close up camera shots and panoramic views to build suspense and panic for the audience.

Each man has had something happen to them that has left them scared and with the unknown element of not knowing, the film’s world becomes original and exciting. Much like the stage show, you don’t want to say what has caused each one, as it ruins all the drama that is built up.

The film isn’t all horror though and the use of gags lightens the mood at times in a clever way. Not taking the outright mickey, but doing so in a way that matches the likes of Scream and Halloween.

As horror films change and take on new dynamics for modern audiences, Ghost Stories shares all the good bits from the last with all the freshness of the new. You will be left clinging to a pillow for a long time afterwards.

There so, I am giving it...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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