Xtro DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Back in the days when Alien, ET and Predator ruled the big screen, a British cult classic was scaring and amusing audiences with its strange extra-terrestrial ways.

After years of being hidden, 2018 sees a newly restored version of the hit Xtro being brought out to mark another odd period in history. Capturing one alien races strange ways of taking over and adapting the world for their liking, the film is as disturbing as it is eye-catching for its portrayal of one alien's journey to earth, which includes murder, pregnancy and family matters.

To begin with, I will start by saying that all you thought you knew needs to go out the window. The film captures a weird world that is hard to follow and a disturbing one that you don’t want to follow.

With an added bonus documentary, which makes it easier to view and essentially more appealing, there is a sense that everything was approved with the film. Want to make a half human, half alien monster? Go for it. However, Men in Black it is not.

Whilst it may be a cult classic, the film isn’t one that you would just stick on for something to watch. In many ways, it is a bit like The Room in that you watch it once a year and after a put it away and hope to forget about it.

As the alien genre makes a big journey back to our big screen, this cult classic falls short of matching up to the standards of others. There so, I am giving it...

2 Stars

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Joey X

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