The Bridge Season Four DVD Review


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Whether you have watched it from the start or only just tuning in, The Bridge is one show that has continuously been a powerful viewing force. And the fourth season, out today on home entertainment platforms, proves just this.

Set two years after the last season, the show picks up with Saga Norén being released from prison after doubt rises whether she was involved with the murder of her mother. Upon her release, she sets out to find the truth, as well as discover the reality on the cases that soon appear in front of her.

From the moment the fourth season starts, you will not move when watching for fear of missing out on a vital moment that could ruin everything that you thought you knew about the series. You won’t be able to look away and you definitely won’t want to. After gripping audiences for years, the fourth season of The Bridge shows others how to do it, with its compelling acting and powerful storylines.

Each character has grown in the two years their stories are said to have progressed and you can see this from the many great action sequences. Every detail has been thought of, whether it be the left-over marks on a murder scene to the relationships between the characters such as Saga and Tommy. All of which leads to some of the most compelling TV around.

With ratings getting higher and higher with each season and episode, the show has no problems in drawing in a crowd and thankfully this is reassuring to many. It is a true highlight that the show has every possibility to return.

There so, with this in mind, I am giving it…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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