Pacific Rim Uprising DVD Review


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Back in 2013, Guillermo Del Toro shocked us all with his robot/monster mash-up Pacific Rim. Not one person was really expecting it to work, but there was something about it - probably the Del Toro charm - that made it work.

However, this charm is sadly lost in the 2017 sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising, starring John Boyega and Scott Eastwood. Trying to bring new inventions to life in the world after the first film, Boyega plays Idris Elba’s characters son, Jake. A man who doesn’t want anything to do with his dad’s plans. Yet, a chance I encounter with some interesting characters leaves him in jail. And the only way to get out is to return to what his dad worked so hard to create.

It is a predictable plot that becomes hard to take in at times, as the characters and the film become something that Pacific Rim would have probably destroyed. Don’t get me wrong there are many moments that justify it being made, but they come down to small details.

Technology is one of them. It is the biggest feature of the film, with drones taking on the lead role. In fact, they appear or are mentioned more than Boyega at times. If you come for action, these are the scenes you will find it. Not the moments that will have you thinking that the film has only been made to show you what could happen if we have another world war.

And it does have to be said that Boyega is brilliant in the film. Sadly, Eastwood gets left behind in his shadow, but as an audience who will love Boyega from his Star Wars trips, you just can’t help it. From his opening dance to the end, he proves he can wear a suit and fight for what’s right in the Pacific Rim world with ease.

It is sad to see that Del Toro’s world has been changed so much that it now doesn’t work. With the first film, there was a freshness, which this one just can’t do. However much they try to use Boyega’s charms to revive it.

There so, I am giving it...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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