A Very English Scandal DVD Review


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I am going to be frank with you all and admit that I knew nothing about Jeremy Thorpe or the scandal that his life wrapped around. It was only when I was walking home one-day last year, in the cold month of November, when I found myself accidentally walking onto the set of A Very English Scandal and went home to find out more about it that I discovered what he had been accused of.

After a few months, the Ben Whishaw and Hugh Grant series finally fell onto our TV screens for all to enjoy (very weird to see my hometown on TV aha!). And enjoy we did! As politics takes an odd turn and we watch politicians with a beady eye to see what they are doing and if it is right, this show comes at a very key time.

Grant plays Thorpe, the famous politician, who was said to have had a secret affair with Whishaw’s Norman Scott, a young man who is treated horrifically when the scandal breaks about the two's relationship. From their first meeting to their court battle and the end of Thorpe’s career, each episode delves deeper and deeper into the dark world of English politics. All of which thrilling viewers.

Three episodes may not seem like enough, but creator Russell T. Davies leaves no details spared and the creativity behind it has even led to a reopening in the case involving the real hitman featured in the show. Something that when you think about it proves that audiences were so invested that they want to give Scott his justice. And while it may seem like the show is capturing a dark tale, Davies has also managed to weave in comedy to bring some relief to an intense viewing.

Grant and Whishaw cement themselves in the minds of the audience as knowing figures who can take on any role and make it their own. Especially in the case of Grant, who has for a long time failed to shake off the image of the rom-com figure. In this, he is nowhere near to those men, but instead a completely compelling and looming figure who brings a dark world to a young man.

Everything you thought or felt about Thorpe changes because of his acting in fact. Whilst if you are like me, you get to see a portrayal of a man who led a country and the liberal party in all different shades.

A Very English Scandal is the politics lesson that many will never get, but will learn from. It will be a story that as audiences become wrapped up in English politics both on and off the screen, will be shared around the world. Thorpe will never be forgotten and everyone will have their ideas and motions as to how involved he was in the crime. As well as their sense of sorrow for Scott, who may finally now get the justice he deserves.

Political shows have never been as good as this and that is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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