The Dam Busters DVD Review


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Known by many for being a cult classic, The Dam Busters tells the epic story of Commander Guy Gibson and his squadron, as they face their most dangerous task yet.

Directed by Michael Anderson and starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave, the film highlights how Guy and his men took on the challenge of bombing the German Ruhr river dams. With worries and woes, the men defied everything to protect their country. Including putting their lives at risk.

As the years go on, the story never fails to keep audiences gripped. Whether they are watching it for the first time or the fiftieth, the story continues to highlight the bravery of the men involved. The hardships they faced and the beauty of friendship make for hard hitting and powerful moments that will leave you reeling at what they faced.

Todd and Redgrave made new acting standards with this feature and proved that a war film has to have a heart to be told. It is no use going in with vengeance as the key, as the two men fight for their rights to make sure that the power is in theirs and the audiences heart.

With the real-life Dam Busters sadly now having all passed away, the film manages to make sure that they are all remembered for the tough and powerful actions. A feature in fact that feels like it should be shown in every history lesson at least once in the country, as more needs to be done to celebrate the men’s and especially Guy’s story.

There so, I am giving this classic...

5 Stars

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