The Complete Sartana Collection DVD Review


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Western films have always been a special feature to make. When they work, they truly work and a character, actor and story is born that others strive to redo. If it fails, then there is no hope for many who hope to do the same for a few years. In the Complete Sartana collection, the premise has definitely been influenced, but it works.

Made up of the five feature films that ruled the screen, the films introduce the world to a series of spaghetti westerns following the life of the infamous character Sartana and his merry men. Together, they join forces to take down their enemies and play the perfect anti-heroes.

The films are a great base to show future filmmakers how much influences can impact a feature. But in a good way. Whilst the last few in the series are not the best, those that came at the start have a strong Clint Eastwood feel to them that works perfectly with what the characters in Sartana’s world are trying to achieve. Imperfect perfections.

Easy viewing on a Sunday afternoon, if you are looking for a cult classic to get lost in then this series is the one for you. And if you aren’t sure yet what to get your Dad for his birthday or even Christmas, it would make the perfect present too, as it has that charm of a John Wayne feature he would love.

There so, I am giving it…

3 ½ Stars

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