Loveless DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

When news spreads of a child missing, the world reacts in the same way. With heartache and sadness for the family going through the traumatic experience. A feeling you experience when watching Russian Cannes hit, Loveless.

As two parents try to come to terms with the breakdown of their marriage, they are thrown into a world of despair when their young son goes missing. Unable to let the police deal with the case, the pair decides to investigate and search the country, including reaching out to estranged relatives to find him.

There is no way that anyone could say this film is easy to watch. Each movement and moment has your heart feeling like it has been ripped out. From the early touches of seeing a couple coming to an end to them having to go and see a body in the morgue, Loveless provides no moments of soothing revelations. Just that of heartache and pain. Something which may be uncomfortable, but works.

As a viewer, you don’t forget what you have seen. You don’t give up hope that the lost child will be found. And you seek comfort for the see. You hope that they can keep going even when time and love is not on their side. A clever creation from both director and actors.

There so, I am giving the film...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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