We Are Celebrating The 30th Anniversary Of Die Hard By Looking At Some Of It's Greatest Moments!


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30 years ago, a little film was released. It starred Bruce Willis in one of his finest roles. Became a Christmas film that people are still not sure if it is really a Christmas film and made us all love action features that little bit more. Yes, I am talking about Die Hard, which is celebrating a big anniversary this year.

As well as a huge new set of special releases, which is why I thought now is the perfect time to share my favourite moments from the film. Check them out below:

The Vent Scene: If you picture Die Hard, this scene is one of the first to come to mind and that is because it is epic. Many filmmakers and actors have tried to recreate it, but none of them will be as good as this.

Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother Fucker! Scenes: Probably one of the most famous quotes of all movie time history, this film will forever be remembered for this moment. Plus, the many times it is used throughout the franchise.

The Now I Have a Machine Gun. Ho-Ho-Ho Scene: For many, Die Hard is a Christmas film. With the office party and Christmas trees out, this is an easy assumption. But this quote is the real reason we all love it so for being one of the most different Christmas features around.

The Fall From The Roof Scene: Alan Rickman was a man of so many amazing talents and his role in this film will never be forgotten. The slow motion, incredible score and the close up of Rickman’s face in this moment make this one of the best scenes in the film.

McClane’s Jump Scene: Bruce Willis became an action hero because of Die Hard and the jump from the top of the roof showed that he would always be one. Elegant, fun and also utterly terrifying, you won’t forget it anytime soon.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Die Hard from the 14th May, when it is released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & Digital Download!

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