Space Truckers DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

The 90s to me marked a very special time! Not only was I born in the middle of them, but they produced some of the best films of all time. Especially some epic cult classics that will continue to amaze audiences for years to come!

One of them was the epic space adventure from Stuart Gordon, Space Truckers, starring Dennis Hopper, Debi Mazar and Stephen Dorff. Hopper plays a space trucker, who is asked to carry out a top-secret shipment, along with his girlfriend and rookie. However, not everything goes to plan and they find themselves facing off with some killing machines that are making their way to earth.

The film is completely bonkers in the most part and there is so much happening in each moment that it seems like it can’t be as entertaining. But, it is the crazy atmosphere and ideas within the acting and script that make this a sure-fire success. Sure, there are issues with it, but when you find yourself laughing instead of cringing at them, it isn’t all bad.

Overall it is the madness of the film that makes it hard to hate it. You really should do, because nothing about it is really stand out award-worthy, but it is fun and sometimes films need to be just that.

There so, I am giving this space adventure…

3 Stars

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Joey X 

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