Get The Hollywood's Stars Summer Beauty Look With The Hollywood Browzer!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

I am going to admit something now and I am not sure that this has anything to do with the blog, but I want to discuss it and be as open as possible. I have a weird phobia/thing about mono-brows, but only on myself.

I really don’t have any worries about the way people look after their brows, because everyone is free to look and do what they like with their own aha! However, for me, if the section between my browns and the stray hairs surrounding them are kept clean I am happy.

However, this does mean that I can spend a lot of time removing those little stubborn hairs that are the bane of my existence. Or were should I say because I now have an amazing new product from Hollywood Browzer, which removes them easily.

I will admit when I first used it I was a little terrified. I just kept picturing Sweeney Todd and knowing my clumsy self I thought I might remove my face instead of just a few hairs. Yet, happily, I can reveal that was not the case lovelies! Once popped up, I just gently run the product across my brow line and it removed all the little hairs quickly. No more plucking it would seem - thank God!
After seeing what I had done, my mum who has a few chin hairs (don’t tell her I did this post) decided to try it and it removed them just as good. And with two products included in the box, it means that we can both have one.

With a summer break, work life and a whole host of outdoor adventures, my life and getting ready time has just got quicker, whilst my eyebrows have never looked so good.

To find out more lovelies on how to get the Hollywood Browzer look, click here:

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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