Acts of Vengeance DVD Review


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From the team behind the likes of Rambo and The Expendables, Acts of Vengeance stars Antonio Banderas is his most action-packed role to date! Starring alongside Karl Urban, the film captures him fighting to get his family back when they go missing after a school performance.

Starring alongside Banderas, Karl Urban, Banderas plays Frank Velera, a lawyer who works hard to provide a great life for his family. However, due to his hard work, he fails to see them as much as he would like.

When he misses his daughter’s recital at school, he finds that the worst has happened when they don’t return home and the police discover their bodies. Unable to not know the truth behind their murders, Frank seeks revenge on those who harmed his family. 

Full to the brim with predictable clichés, the film misses the mark on so many levels. Whilst Banderas tries to make the film serious, the action and over the top nature that it presents just doesn’t make this happen. It calls upon what people know and has seen in many action films recently – the death of a family member calling for revenge – and fails to revive it into something new.

There so, I am giving it…

2 Stars

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