The Avengers: Tunnel Of Fear DVD Review


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Back in the 1960s, Ian Hendry was ruling the TV screens in The Avengers. Not the kind we have now, but a spy thriller that could have rivalled James Bond. With three female kickass sidekicks and many villains, the show was a hoot for all, yet there was one episode many people didn’t get to see.

Uncovered and released today for the first time ever for fans to enjoy, the lost episode, Tunnel of Fear, was the 20th episode in the first season of the show, which should have made its way onto our screens in 1961.

As top-secret information leaks into Europe from a fair in Southend, the team go in search of who is revealing their secrets. Discovering that their trip on the ghost train may not have been as innocent as they thought, Hendry’s Dr. David Keel has to help prove the innocence of those around him.

Having never seen an episode of the show before, it was interesting to get my first taste of it with an episode not many others, including fans would have seen. The show has a Charlie’s Angel’s vibe, but with a flipped aspect on screen. However, the women in it are never not powerful or strong. In fact, the whole story would fall apart without them.

It is a classic episode that could make anyone who watches it turn into a fan. There is a sense of true family entertainment and the black and white visuals of the show add to the appeal of it. You want to watch more of them when you are done, even if it isn’t as glamourous as modern-day detective series. Sometimes the classics are always still the best.

There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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