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Paddington was a hit when it was released in 2014, with many wanting a sequel to the delightful story. And they got one in 2017, which is equally sweet! Now out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, Paddington 2 is a film that the whole family can enjoy with marmalade sandwiches.

Voiced by Ben Whishaw again, Paddington 2 sees the little bear looking for the perfect present for his aunt Sally. On one of his journey’s he discovers a pop-up book, but is unable to pay for it. Working hard to save for the book, he is caught up in a disastrous circumstance as he is accused and sent to jail after it is believed he has stolen it.

Yet, his family know him better, with Henry (Hugh Bonneville) and Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins) fighting to get him freed, whilst also brining down Hugh Grant’s evil actor villain, who may just know who has the book.

The film picks up very much where we left them at the last film, but with Paddington being a bit more comfortable in his surroundings. As he takes in the world of London and the family dynamics, director Paul King makes a character we all love come to life again and he should never let anyone take the franchise away from him. Paddington is save in his hands and so is the state of the films.

Comedy and love prevail throughout and the series stays innocent and enjoyable without having to worry if something is going to happen that makes the film darker. Even in the prison scenes, which instead of brutally bring pink prison outfits.

There is something about Paddington that is so easy that it makes it an instant hit. Unlike the action packed, hard hitting thrills that many filmmakers are producing, Paddington 2 just strips everything back and makes a character from our childhoods come back to life in a sweet and innocent way. You automatically fall in love with him in the way that you did when you were younger.

Add in brilliant and charismatic acting from Sally Hawkins, Hugh Grant and Hugh Bonneville and you have a film that makes for a sweet story for all ages. Especially with the silly nature of the characters, which could borderline as cheesy but doesn’t because of the nature of the plot, which is placed together with tender care from the classic stories.

Overall the film is an adventure that the whole family can get on board with and fall under its spell. When watched, whatever time of year, there will be something in it that will make you smile and that is why it is getting this rating…

4 Stars

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