Keep Watching DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you remember that feeling you first had when you watched the opening scene of Scream and watched the horror unfold? It was disgusting but also a moment that you couldn’t turn your eyes away from because you had to know if the girl escaped. In the new horror film, Keep Watching, the creators have tried to make a similar dynamic, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work out quite too well.

Opening in a similar way – a young girl being attacked – the film introduces the idea of social media to mess with the characters and audience’s minds, as they try to find out if what they are witnessing is real or not. Starring Bella Thorne and Ioan Gruffudd, the film continues this path throughout its journey, without any real destination or stop for audiences to follow.

What is meant to be or seems to want to be the next big teen horror film, it doesn’t bring that old school charm that even modern horror films know they need to hook audiences in. We want to be thrilled and scared, but this film just brings gore and disaster in its path that goes on for too long and doesn’t keep you entertained.

There is no reason or method behind the killer’s actions and that makes for some very confusing and honestly unreal viewing, as you know that the moment that these characters are not going to stay with you in the way that Scream’s or Halloween’s did. It becomes boring and nothing can really be done to save it.

Which is why I am giving it…

2 Stars

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Joey X 

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