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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Horror films are always at their best when they are trying to get inside our minds. The terrifying realities that they create, mixed with the characters genuine levels of terror are what make a horror film work on so many levels.

Back in the early seventies, director Robert Altman knew this, when he made his classic hit Images. Dealing with murder and mayhem, the film captures the nightmares that plague a child author. All of which causing her to have terrible hallucinations that mix with the plot of the film.

Cleverly created to make you wonder what is real or not, the film is a progressive piece that makes you wonder if what you are seeing if happening or not. When it is real, it is unbelievable that such emotions can be built and it makes your heart race throughout.

For an early film, it is easy to also see that the feature is one that has made a big impact on future films. Nightmare on Elm Street being one film that has taken ideas from this to influence its story.

It is a clever piece that will make you think, feel and jump in fright. All of which leading me to give it…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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