Thelma DVD Review


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Directed by Joachim Trier, Thelma is a thrilling feature, about a young woman's discovery of the powers she holds within and the threat they cause to her new relationship. All of which set in a supernatural world that is now coming into our homes for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray.

Upon experiencing a seizure in her local library one day, Thelma, played by Eili Harboe, finds out that she has special supernatural powers that causes her past to collide with her future, which is filled with her new relationship. As she learns more about her new discovery, she finds that she can't move forward without learning about how these powers came to be. 

After a number of tepid films, Trier has made a feature that will thrill and excite audiences. Thelma's character development hooks you in up until the end, with its blend of classic spooks and new technology. Both of which that build and climb over cinemas normal tropes, as the characters learn from past and present. 

Harboe's acting is superb in bringing these themes to the centre of the screen. The star presents a woman who is afraid to face the real world and shy's away from her fellow peers. Yet, when it comes to presenting a woman who has powers she is fierce. It is as if she has been reborn and Harboe's portrayal of this theme is compelling stuff. 

In fact, the whole film is hypnotising, as you seek to discover what is happening to the young woman and how her past has caused the act. It is a modern classic that will highlight Swedish cinema into the mainstream. 

There so, I am giving it...

4 Stars 

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