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Flying to Spain in the back of a car, may not be allowed now, but it is in the BFI London Film Festival feature film, Breathe. Marking the directorial debut of actor Andy Serkis, the film stars Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy in a light-heartened drama about defying all the odds.

Serkis’ film tells the story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, who whilst on a trip to Africa have their marriage tested when Robin contracts polio. Leaving him paralysed, Robin begins to develop depression, causing him to wish to die. However, his wife Diana, along with their family and friends, made up of Tom Hollander, as Diana’s twin brothers Bloggs and David Blacker, Hugh Bonneville’s inventor Teddy Hall and the couple’s son Jonathan, she decides to bring him home to give him back his life.

Together, they continue to travel the world and change the way in which polio and disabled patients have been treated. With haunting scenes in a German hospital to light-hearted moments on a Spanish cliff top, the film tests every human emotion in its one hour and 40-minute runtime.

Many people will have watched the trailer and instantly compared the film to The Theory of Everything. However, this is a very different story. Following Garfield’s Robin character throughout, the film slides between drama and comedy easily, with Garfield’s perfect portrayal of a man who is defying all the odds and keeping a positive view on everything.

However, the real stand out figure in the film is Foy. After an amazing portrayal in Netflix’s The Crown, Foy has brought that charm to the big screen to give Diana a strong presence on screen. Foy has obviously done her utmost to work with Diana on the film, as she is captured in such a believable way that you can imagine going to their home and having a cup of tea with her character.

Serkis made the perfect casting choice with not only Foy and Garfield though, but the brilliant Hollander is a scene-stealer. As is Stephen Mangan, who comes in as the leader of the disability association. They are a cast that just clicks and works together so well that future Serkis’ films are going to have to match up to this film.

The film is a story about life, love and tragedy all at once. There is no straightforward way to take the film, but it manages to make you laugh, as much as it makes you cry. The Cavendish family are a very British unit, but one that will make you see the wonders of the world in a new way and who changed the world.

Serkis’ has earned this rating for bringing it to life so well…

4 Stars

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