The Slayer DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Arrow Videos have been working hard to make sure that our horror film collections continue to grow, by adding even more classics to our stores. This week, the company have released The Slayer, a classic feature that will have you scared of every bump in the night. 

After fans begged for its release, the film has finally been released and rightfully so. Full of that classic horror film vibe, the newly 4K transformed feature film, follows a young couple as they head to a secluded island for a holiday. However, their peaceful retreat is far from relaxing when they find themselves face to face with their worst nightmares. 

An obvious inspiration for Wes Craven and John Carpenter, the films use of nightmares coming to life bring back that old school horror film. Whilst the graphics are nowhere near as good as they are now, it does nothing to bring down the vibe of the film and what filmmaker J.S. Cardone was looking to achieve. A horror with a heart that would beat forever in the dark genre.

Adding in the new features and special content makes the viewing all the more enjoyable. You find out why they filmed on the island, how the story came to life and what was going through the kind of all of those involved whilst filming. Something that is definitely needed during the tougher scenes within the film. 

There so, I am this film is slaying it but for very different reasons with this... 

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 

Joey X

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