The Love Of A Woman DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Filmmaker Jean Gremillon was an artist on and off the screen with his classic features. Today his final film, The Love of a Woman finally makes it on to DVD and Blu-ray for us to see just why this was. 

Telling the story of a young woman called Marie, the film captures her facing prejudice from the men she works alongside, as she comes to replace the physician on the island of Ushant. Along the way, she manages to make Andre, an engineer fall for her, taking the film on a ride of love and heartache. 

With Michelin Presle at the helm of the film, the feature has everything that makes it star studded. The classic black and white look adds charm and beauty to the classic, as it feels like the beginning of the romance genre. 

Presle makes her presence known from the get go and keeps hold of it right up until the end. Something Germillon would have worked hard on to ensure, as she is the real reason to sit back and enjoy this film. Her leading lady is not one to back down from what she wants in life and there so she is going to get it. 

There so, the overall theme and incredible female character is why I am giving this film... 

4 Stars

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Joey X

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