The Brokenwood Mysteries Series One and Two DVD Reviews


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As soon as you see the casing for The Brokenwood Mysteries, you instantly get a feeling that it could very much be like Broadchurch. Set and created in New Zealand, the show which has been likened to Midsomer Murders, tells of the gruesome acts affecting a small farming town.

Starting much like Midsomer’s does, the show sees incidents and cases developing from the most random of places. Stag dos turn nasty with shootings and festivals close down due to drownings. But all the crimes are tied together through a farmer’s death causing Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd to turn up to try and find out what is happening in the small town. However, he isn’t alone, as he must work alongside newcomer Detective Kristin Sims to try and solve them.

As stated before the show reflects that of Broadchurch highly. The two characters on screen reflect the same feelings and emotions that David Tennant’s and Olivia Coleman’s do on the ITV hit series. They know they must work together but they also find time to pick on each other throughout.

It does differ though due to the cases involved. Whilst the show has a running one it deals with other cases that are just as gripping. The creators have made stories that tell you of the detectives, the town people and the lives in which they lead. All of which that tie up to make a gripping drama.

With both series one and two being released today, viewers will be able to sit back and enjoy the mysteries without having to wait for the next episode. With comedic and thrilling moments, it is enjoyable and fun to see how various parts of the world are tackling the two genres so many are working on now.

There so I am giving the show…

4 Stars

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