Lucifer Season Two DVD Review


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Do you ever have those days were all you need is something with so many different angles to it? For a long time Lucifer has been that show for me. With comedy, thrills and murder mystery all joined together, the show works for me on so many different levels.

Out today, season two brings those levels to whole new heights with the storyline focusing on Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis and his mother or as we all know her Charlotte Richards, played by Tricia Helfer. Rebuilding their troubled relationship, the pair also find themselves facing the possibility of love – in Lucifer’s case with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) – and death, as Lucifer’s mum must try to get her sons to side with her and return to hell or heaven to restore order.

With all of this going on around the plots of police cases including a harmful deadly substance and murders taking place with rappers and debutants, the show becomes easy viewing as you seek to see the cases through to the end and the relationships on screen.

The mother and son battle gives life to a character that could have been dragged out. However, Helfer makes sure that she matches Ellis’ level of wit, fun and religious sense throughout.

Fox and Amazon Video UK have been streaming the show for two years now and it is only getting better as time goes on. Ellis has completely rebuilt his image as an actor, since being in Miranda. He now has a devilish side that will be hard to shake but one that fans and viewers will never want to see go anyway.

His turn as the devil comes with a side of sass and humanity, which is often mixed with high levels of wit and comedy. Everything that works in making a hit character with audiences. Against the more serious Decker character, Ellis’ Lucifer will go down in TV history for rebuilding the religious figure.

As will Lesley-Ann Brandt, who has given Maze/Mazikeen a breath of fresh air. Giving audience members the same vibes as Buffy the Vampire Slayer mixed with Xena, the character is full of power that she explores with others this series.

She gets her hands of German’s Detective Decker and makes her become a more favourable figure. She provides more screen time for the brilliant Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris). But, unfortunately her relationship with Amendial isn’t really touched upon in this series.

Lucifer season two was one that could have gone a bit wild. It could have gone a little bit destructive by using the mum, but Fox and the creators of it never let this happen. Ellis and co have been given plots and scripts that work on TV and creator a 45 minute break we all longed for each week and now at home when one episode ends.

This is why I am giving it this devilish…

4 Stars

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Joey X

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