I Hosted A Table Squish Session With Sainsbury's! Here's What Happened...


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Being the youngest in my family, I have had to sit in some of the weirdest of places when people have been invited or come round for a meal at our house. Lower chairs than others, a children’s table and the floor to name but a few. And this still continues.

So when I was asked if I would like to host my own table squish BBQ party by Sainsbury’s, I knew I could do it well. After the supermarket discovered that 90% of us prides ourselves on being good guests, I told those coming to my quickly thrown together BBQ that it was going to be an event with a difference. Instead of muscling on with a proper BBQ, like 45% of people admit to not doing, we got the cocktails (Pimms) flowing, like 32% of people do and had a takeaway BBQ instead.

Kindly Sainsbury's had given me a £20 gift card and I headed into the store, before everyone arrived, with vegetarian (my auntie), strange eater (my cousin) and the person who likes everything (my mum) in mind. Picking out staple Italian dishes, which are very popular in our house, I also grabbed an Indian meal for two and a few extra sides.

Heading home to begin cooking them, I realised the meals were all dishes that could be served at a BBQ easily, as stone baked pizza’s and different dishes make their way on to our dinner and BBQ tables. Unfortunately, due to the cold weather, I also realised I had another issue on my hands. I had joined the 78% of people who said the weather ruins a BBQ. But I solved it. I grabbed the cosiest blankets I owned and made my living room into a den before everyone arrived. Who needs al fresco?

Once this was all sorted the cooking began and the different smells filled up the kitchen. Let me tell you lovelies, it smelt AMAZING!!! And no one came away smelling of the BBQ smoke that you get throughout summer. Although I have to admit I am a bit of a weirdo for liking it.

After only 30 minutes, if that, the meal was done and ready for everyone to come and enjoy. Our kitchen isn’t that bit so it was a bit of a table squish to get everyone around the food to choose what they wanted. In the end, we had to grab a few tiny tables and move into the living room with it all, where everyone continued to say how nice and I quote my auntie Caroline in saying, “this is really good,” the food was.

The meal was put together quickly and easily, which many BBQs in the UK are because of the weather and I was pleased to see everyone enjoying the food, even though we were all a bit squashed in my kitchen for a bit. Nothing beats a good get together with friends!

To find out more about Sainsbury’s table squish campaign and to get recipes, head here lovelies: www.sainsburys.co.uk.

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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