Amazon Original's New Series The Tick Has Landed! See What I Think Of It


Good Morning Lovelies,

For a long time, Amazon has been teasing us with a new kind of superhero. The Tick, a figure who is easy to spot in his blue suit but definitely not what you expect. Now with all episodes landing onto the streaming service, as of today, the superheroes we know are about to be challenged.

The Tick follows a young man named Arthur, who dreams of joining the superheroes who he adored as a child. However, when disaster strikes he rethinks his future after meeting the evil Terror. Until he meets The Tick himself.

The show begins by instantly breaking the idea that it is going to be like other superhero features. Instantly hitting audiences in all the right places, the show uses the power of old school jazz and Whooping Goldberg, to bring the new age villains, a figure called The Terror, and heroes including The Tick and his real nemesis's his fellow superheroes.

The Tick is a superhero who looks more like a person in fancy dress but with the voice of Batman. His suit makes bug like noises and his superhero name isn't the strongest, but that doesn't stop him from winning over Arthur as a sidekick.

As Marvel bring more humour to their features, Amazon has made sure people know that this series will never take anything too serious. Even the most hideous of acts are made laughable.

The shows newcomer star Griffin Newman plays the scared Arthur well. Tackling mental health issues with the superhero fantasy makes audience never quite sure if what you are seeing is real or in Arthur's mind, but this is used cleverly. Each episode makes you want to see what is real or not. If the figures who seem to control the city really do or just Arthur's thoughts.

As for Peter Serafinowicz, who plays The Tick, he slots in well to the superhero role. The Tick feels like a character he has been waiting for to show his talents. Using a cartoon voice, he breaks away at the walls that could have made this into a show like many others to give Amazon the upper hand. Superheroes may be better bugged by this!

Having only seen the first two episodes, the show is leading to a very exciting climax that will be sure to keep audiences laughing.

There so, you would be ticked off if I didn't give the show this...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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