DC Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

After an amazing first season, the cast was back for more in DC Legends of Tomorrow Season Two, which is out today on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally!

Carrying on from where the last season ended, the show captures the characters as they come face to face with some of their biggest villains and challenges to date.

From Nazi spies to people looking to bring down the city, there isn't an episode that doesn't hook you in. Every threat to the Arrowverse world is one that could take down not only the legends but also Supergirl, the Flash and more! Yet, with heavyweights such as Wentworth Miller and more paving the way for the cast and crew on screen, there is a power play happening that makes the show work so well and the villains just don't stand a chance.

Every actor and actresses within the series are perfect at making sure they use their full acting talents to bring out the best in the comic heroes. Miller, who has recently worked on the latest Prison Break season, is the most stand out because, in comparison to the reprisal, he puts on such a good display it could have its own film.

As a voice in one of many DC based TV shows, the legends stand out from the rest with their original attitudes and stories. No one character is the same and this basis means that each character from the DC comics world can have their time. Much like Arrow, Supergirl and Gotham allow their leading men and ladies to do as well.

Sadly though, the DC Legends of Tomorrow show isn't mentioned as much in the UK, as I would have hoped. However, with more action and adventures in the second season, fans of the DC comics may be more excited to talk about the show that is featuring characters the film world just isn't. Especially with a third season having just been announced!

These legends have earned themselves this...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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