Celebrate These Historical Cameos With DC Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2


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If you are like me then you love a cameo in a film or TV show! I love the feeling of excitement that you get when two worlds or certain people you wish would collide do.

To celebrate the upcoming release of DC Legends of Tomorrow Season Two on DVD and Blu-ray, now would be perfect time to look at some of the best historic cameos of all time. I will admit lovelies I didn’t write the feature, but I hope you all enjoy it…

After the defeat of the immortal villain, Vandal Savage and the exposure of the corrupt Time Masters, a new challenge must be faced! The Legends become scattered across time and when they finally reunite, they must fight to protect the timeline from changes to history which could cause catastrophic consequences.

Travelling across timelines means the Legends come across a range of historical friends and foes including Albert Einstein, George Washington and King Arthur. To celebrate the release of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season, which arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD August 14, we’re taking a look in more detail at some of the best historical cameos of the immense Second Season!

Albert Einstein
As the legend of science himself, Einstein is the only person capable of building a nuclear bomb that could ultimately help the Nazi's win the war. In Episode 1, the Legends must kidnap him before New York is destroyed and history encounters a terrible twist...

Shogun and his Army of Samurai Warriors
Nate and Ray accidentally land themselves in Feudal Japan where a Japanese village needs defending from the Military Dictator Shogun and his army of Samurai Warriors in Episode 3. With total dictatorship on his mind, this power-hungry anti-hero is making life difficult for The Legends.

President Ronald Reagan
In Episode 5, the Legends find themselves tracing a time-quake to President Reagan's White House and are shocked to find their old enemy Damien Darkh is now a Senior Advisor to Reagan. Has the president been tricked and are there drastically damaging consequences to the timeline just around the corner?

George Washington
George Washington finds himself at the middle of the cold winter of the American Revolutionary War. The timeline is almost disrupted and The Legends are alerted. George Washington is in need of protection and The Legends must protect him when the war doesn't go to plan in Episode 11.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
In King Arthur's Camelot, the hunt to find the Spear of Destiny is on... In Episode 12, the mighty and all equal Knights of the Round Table join forces with The Legends to try and protect the timeline from corruption!

Apollo 13 Mission
With the impressive Apollo 13 Mission underway, The Legends find themselves rushing to NASA Headquarters when a time aberration is discovered... Apollo 13 must be intercepted and The Legends must head into space before too much damage is done in Episode 14!

J. R. R. Tolkien
In Episode 15, The Legends find themselves at the height of World War 1, trying to enlist the help of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien to help them find the Spear of Destiny. The timeline must be protected so that Tolkien can go on to become the prolific writer he is today, not that they know that!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season
- Out now on Digital Download and coming to Blu-ray™ and DVD August 14!

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