Celebrate National Allotment Week With Kenwood and Smoothies!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Do you have an allotment lovelies? Well if you do then you may already know about what celebrations are taking place this week. However, don't worry if not, all is about to be revealed. Up until today, the world is celebrating National Allotment Week!

After spending the past year growing my own fruit and vegetables for the first time, Kenwood was kind enough to send me a brilliant smoothie maker to help me make use of the fruits and vegetables in my garden and to be able to join in with the celebrations taking place this week.

During my time at my previous job, my work wife Kara encouraged me to start growing my own produce. There is honestly nothing more satisfying than eating something that you have grown. So when I pulled up some of the products and then headed to the shops for the rest, I actually got very excited about making a smoothie.

I know it is something that people do all the time, but one. I couldn’t wait to use the new blender and two. I wanted to see what my produce tasted like. In our house, the fruits of life are definitely a thing, so I decided to create my own recipe to use on the Kenwood smoothie maker included in the lovely basket they sent me.

After heading to the shops to get some milk, bananas, melon and then heading into the garden to grab an apple, I popped everything into the blender, screwed the easy to apply bottle, with blades in the lid to the Kenwood base and then pressed the button leading to a bottle full of smoothed treats to enjoy.

Both my mum and me were quick to tuck into the smoothed treat, as it created two glasses worth of smoothies and thought they were the perfect Saturday evening treat. Knowing that I had grown something and used it in the recipe also made the drink extra treat worthy.

Taking part in my first National Allotment week made me want to grow more vegetables and fruit. With an easy blender and the right recipes, you can make not only tasty smoothies but also sauces, milkshakes and more all from the produce you have grown. Imagine a strawberry milkshake/smoothie with your own strawberries lovely? I imagine it would be epic!

Thank you so much Kenwood for the blender and get out their lovelies and enjoy National Allotment Week! I am off now to make milkshakes for my family to enjoy during our film night tonight. How will you now be celebrating?

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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