Time To Celebrate The Blog's Birthday With The Personal Tag


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

To continue our birthday celebrations on the blog, I thought I would do a fun tag to let you know a few personal things about me and how much the blog means to me! I pass it on to all of you once you have read it lovelies...

1. How Long Have You Been Blogging and What Is Your Best And Worst Thing About It?
This month the blog will be turning five and I have had some of the most amazing things happen to me since I started. The best thing about it is the way I have been able to see myself grow as a person. From meeting people to talking to them about certain shows and films online, it has really helped me come out of my shell. However, the worst thing about it is the way in which bloggers can be taken for granted. I have seen people and companies turn against me because I have said no to something and that can be a real confidence knock. Thankfully as a community we are speaking more and more about it to try and make this stop.

2. How Did You Spend Your Birthday This Year?  Any Crazy Traditions?
As many of you probably now know I spent my birthday in Disneyland Paris with one of best friends Tessa and we had a bit of a manic but amazing time whilst there! I do have one crazy tradition, which is that my birthday must end with a screening of a horror film, but we didn’t do that this year as we were so tired. We did do the tower of terror though, so I am counting this instead aha!

3. What Is Your Favourite Dessert?  All The Gooey Details Please...
Oooo I don’t think any birthday is complete without a desert and my favourites are Krispy Kreme donuts with a crème filling and apple crumble with custard! Summer is all about fresh fruit bowls though lovelies.

4. What Is Your Favourite Room In Your House?
My bedroom or our living room! I love my living room and bedroom in winter when the fire is on and we are all cosy. I also love it because it is the place I go when I know that all my work is done for the day and I can finally relax.

5. In Which Ways Do You Entertain Your Nieces And Nephews?
Since they were born I try to be the fun aunt! Whilst I can tell them off, I do try to make them laugh and take them to as many things as I can. I always want them to feel like they can talk to me and if I have to make them do so with a film, art or a play then so be it. As long as they are happy I’m happy!

6. How Do You Store Your Memories?
On my phone, computer and in my emails. I really should back them up, but then I have my mind to do that aha! Only joking, I am actually looking for a good portable hard drive, so do let me know if you have a good one lovelies.

7. Are You A Savoury Or Sweet Type Of Person?
Ooooo it really depends on what mood I am in but right now I am having a savoury moment.

8. If You Could Go Anywhere Would It Be?
I would love to go to Jamaica, South Africa, Rio de Janeiro and India as soon as possible! Please someone make a trip flights airline for these destinations ASAP!

9. Is There Anything You’ve Ever Regretted?
I regret not taking my mum with me on my first trip to Disneyland Paris! I wished she was there every moment of the day, as I always wanted to experience it with her when I was little. I am now trying to plan a trip though, so hopefully I can get some redemption.

10. What Is The Best Thing You Have Ever Made?
I honestly believe it is my blog! Not only has it helped my writing progress and given me the chance to experience some amazing things, but it has helped me find work and gain confidence to. When I suffered from a mental breakdown last year it really helped me escape the real world and just let all my emotions out.

Look out for more birthday goodness soon lovelies!


Joey X

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