Birthday and Christmas Celebrations Collide At The Cadbury Cadvent Event!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Kicking off today's birthday celebrations is well a Christmas post! As many of you will know Christmas is my favourite time of the year and July is one of my favourite months of the year!

So, when you put them together you get the amazing Christmas in July, which has been a trend since I was born for many companies. Yesterday I headed with my friend Chidubem down to the Cadbury Cadvent event to see what goodies and treats my family would be feasting on this year!

Cadbury is a must have in our home during Christmas and this year the company is pulling out all the stops! From snow ball filled crackers that can replace the normal ones on your Christmas table to old school packaging, the company are going back in time and the future to give us everything we need.

Set on three floors, the first magical area was an advent calendar treat fest. Given a number by those by the door, you were made to hunt for the box with your number on it. Once found, you could lift the lid of the box, which had some amazing treats inside. Starting with the normal sized advent and going on up all the bigger sizes, the boxes were filled like Russian dolls with advent gifts that were soon loaded into our sack like totes.

After opening our presents, we headed on up to the next floor where we found our Christmas dinner waiting for us. However, this one was a little different as the table was filled with Snow Balls. Not the alcoholic type but the chocolate and sugar-coated treats that have been reinvented to fit into a cracker that was placed on top of plates to give Cadbury inspired place setting ideas.

Something else that lined the room was a tree with further presents. Presented with a parcel, we found ourselves handed with the mousse chocolate snowman and classic Christmas gifts that Cadbury's have become well known for too little ones. We were also prepped for when we put our own trees up, as we were handed the newest tree decorations from the company, which now feature Oreos in them.

Leaving the room before it became too much, we headed into the final room in the building. Automatically we were transported into a Christmas wonderland, as we sat in old arms chairs and went back in time to when Cadbury began. Something everyone will be doing in December, as the company revealed that the packaging on the bars was going back to how it was when it all began. Vintage has honestly never looked so good!

The final treat of the day was the classic tins. After picking up the modern day looking tubs of Roses and Heroes, a guide showed us an amazing metal tin that was coming out in December. Presented like a soldier’s drum, the tin which houses Heroes inside, will donate money to Help the Heroes when purchased. Something important when it comes to Christmas is giving Lovelies and this is the ultimate way to do it.

Heading out of the snow filled building with sacks and hands full, my whole body was excited for December and getting to see others and shops filled with these Cadbury items. I'm officially over summer lovelies and ready for the festivities to begin.

Look out for blog reviews on the items soon!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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