The Lost City Of Z DVD Review


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Charlie Hunnam is going in a very different direction in all his latest roles. And whilst King Arthur may not have been his finest, his turn in The Lost City of Z makes up for it. Playing British explorer Percy Fawcett, Hunnam joins Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland and Sienna Miller to bring to life his character's story so well, you will think you are in a history lesson.

Based on the best-selling book, the film focuses on Fawcett’s life and his journeys into the jungle. Heading into places many would fear to go during the 1900s, Fawcett shared with his wife (Miller), son (Holland) and advisor (Pattinson) the worlds that he uncovered, even when those around him ridicule him for the things he states upon returning.

Director James Gray has used his camera to make it seem like every moment is intimate. Like you are discovering the new worlds at the same time as the characters on screen are. His trust in his actors pays off throughout and he knows how to bring the book to life, with detailed shots of jungle life.

 Hunnam and Pattinson are the real stands out in the film. Together they share a passion for getting the adaptation just right. They fit the characters well and make for easy watching (not just because they are both good looking), as they take their skills and apply them well. Holland and Miller, however, are a bit let down within the story.

Whilst Miller brings strength to her character, the focus on Hunnam makes audiences forget about her until she returns on screen. As for Holland, it would have been incredible to see him even more within the story, to allow for a deeper relationship to be shown between his character and Hunnam’s.

When placed all together though and under the eye of Gray, the film does something that many would properly not have expected it to have done. It works and it works superbly well. The cast clicks through their determination and the books detail has not been forgotten throughout creation.

There so I am giving the film…

4 Stars

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Joey X

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