Public Enemy Season One DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

After being picked up by Sky Atlantic and released at the start of May, Public Enemy caused many to be glued to their TV’s as they took in the weekly doses of hypnotic thrills. And whilst I haven’t finished the series yet, I can safely say agree with many that it is gripping stuff.

Based in Belgium, the show follows Guy Beranger (Angelo Bison), a child murderer who is released from prison after 20 years on parole to stay with the monks at Vielsart Abbey. As the villagers become away of the murderer living amongst them, they become more and more upset that it is being allowed to happen so close to their homes. Especially when a young girl disappears.

Called in to try and help solve the case, Chloe Muller, played by the brilliant Stephanie Blanchoud, is asked to do something she never thought she would be. She is to keep Guy safe at all costs. An act that leads her into the mysterious world of Guy, the search and the village.

Within every scene there feels like there are clues dotted. But also missing elements. As you come to understand something, another piece of the jigsaw goes missing and you are left in limbo again. Whilst this may be an annoying sequence in other shows and films, this playoff works for the show’s creators and audiences.

It makes reactions seem genuine. It makes the thrills spookier and it makes the whole show click together. Nordic Noir TV has never been as good as this and it is easy to see why Sky Atlantic picked it up to work alongside their other award-winning shows.

There so I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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