Are You A Double Dipper? Find Out With Philadelphia’s New Flip & Dip Pots!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Over the weekend, I was sent a brand new product, which will add a whole lot of fun to your dinner parties or summer events. Philadelphia has worked hard to create three new delicious posts of their great cream cheese that you must flip to enjoy a good dip in.

Along with some other exciting goodies, I was sent by the company a lovely array of treats to try out. In a very cool ice bag, I was greeted with a plate, some tortilla crisps, a voucher to purchase the dips and a test in the form of a card. One that would highlight to everyone whether my family was a single or double dip group.

Using the fancy table cloth, I placed the plate in the centre of our kitchen and flipped the opened pot on to the plate. Instantly the sweet chilli sauce, which I chose out of the three options, which also include Caramelised Onion and Mexican Salsa, oozed down the sides of the classic treat onto the plate. And as soon as the tortilla chips were opened, my family were quick to tuck in.

The new Flip & Dip pots definitely make the table look very fancy and the whole look of it stand out when on a plate of its own. At the time, we were a single dip family due to the size of the chips, but I can guarantee you all that if they were bigger, we would definitely be switching the sign around to show that we double dip.

As my regular taste tester, my mum was quick to try the dip with some other items. Scooping a bit for her plate, she served it with potatoes and said it was now one of her favourite products. We are yet to try the other flavours, but I can tell that if she speaks as highly of them as she does the others, she is going to be making them a household regular.

Recently she had an operation in her mouth and has been finding it hard to eat, but these have been going down smoothly with the right items. A tasty and useful treat it would seem in her case aha!
Seeing my mum try different products made me think of the perfect places to enjoy this new dip. Perfect for BBQ’s, curry nights or ultimate and I don’t mean to speak to early but Christmas snack tables. I can only imagine what the dip would be like on those classic Christmas crackers or mini poppadoms.

To find out more about the items and to see if you a one-time dipper or a double dipper, then head to the Philadelphia website:

Will you be flipping and dipping lovelies? Let me know!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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