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In 2013, a horrific terror attack took place during the Boston marathon. The world gathered to send their love and support to the city, as news continued to be released about the event. Two bombers set off bombs, which caused terrible casualties.

Three years after the worst day for the city, director Peter Berg joined forces with Mark Wahlberg, J.K. Simmons, Kevin Bacon and Alex Wolff, to turn the real life events into the feature length film, Patriots Day, which is out on DVD and Blu-ray as of today.

From the moment in which Wahlberg’s police officer heads to work right up until the terrorists are caught, the film tells as much as it can about the day, the after effects and how those involved case investigated it.

When a film is based on a real event, it is important that every moment or as much as possible of the film is told the way it actually happened. There are many moments in this film where it doesn’t feel like this was done. In fact, there are some really unimportant and slightly weird moments, such as a quitting smoking joke and the way in which the wife is presented.

The script lacks a sense of enthusiasm at times too. When looking into the suspects and the acts that happened on the day, there is a sense of urgency, but once this urgency has been laid out, the scenes stop in a way that seems as though they are asking what to do next.

Don’t get me wrong the acting is great, especially from Wolff, who plays such a detached from the real world figure that it becomes scary to view, and Wahlberg, who plays the role with what seems like a lot of genuine feelings. But it just isn’t conveyed as well as you would have expecting such a delicate and tough subject to be explored.

Berg has done something though that does display the story in an excellent way and that is by presenting Boston in a powerful light. The capturing of the people who stayed and helped out those hurt and the emergency services who arrive on the scene are all amazing retellings of what really happened on the day. The city came together to help everyone affected and the film shows in this in an amazing light.

And the score which is added to these scenes adds to the tension and heartbreak that affects not only those on screen but those at home. Allowing those who witnessed the event to give their view on the film, when it was being created, was a brilliant way of adapting and telling the story. It is just a pity that the stories script lacks something at key moments.

There so I am giving Patriots Day...

3 Stars

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