Make Sure To Include These Amazon Blogging Essentials On Your Next Trip!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Okay, so as many of you probably know because I have spoken about it a lot, I am going way next month to Disneyland Paris. And I know that I will definitely over pack on the technical side of things. However, as a blogger I always want to take as much as I can to capture the holiday as much as possible.

Every trip I take I find myself packing my laptop, tablet, phone and many chargers. Although, there are a lot more extras I have been known to state as essentials when going away, which Amazon UK have helped remind me of with their online summer shop.

There so I wanted to do a quick post on some of the top tech items I take with me and could be essential to you as a reader, blogger or writer. Get your case out ready lovelies...

Wireless Speakers: When the night time hits and I am getting ready to go out or chilling in my apartment/hotel, I like to listen to music in every room and I can do this easier with these portable speakers.

Headphones: However, speakers can’t always be used, such as when on the plane or watching things whilst others are asleep or concentrating on something else. There so I always make sure to pack my headphones and a splitter when going away.

Digital Luggage Scales: As someone who always over packs (I took 4 pairs of shoes last time and only wore one), these scales are essential in making sure that I always keep within the limit. Luckily I have just brought an IT Luggage case, which is a lot lighter, but I still need to check aha!

Lightweight Tripod with Bag: If you are planning on filming any of the holiday, make sure you get the perfect shots with this lightweight tripod, which you can carry around with you when not in use. A tripod is also a great way to get the perfect blogging pictures too.

Packing Cubes: If like me you do over pack, these very smart packing cubes allow you to put in all your essentials, but in small compartments to save space. They are perfect for keeping all cables in place instead of Indiana Jones lassoing them around aha!

What are your tips and tricks when packing lovelies? Or what must you always take on holiday lovelies? Let me know!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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