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Back in the months of January and February, the world of cinema got mixed up in the Oscar buzz and every film we were watching was incredible! From Hidden Figures to La La Land, the talents of the actors in the films were truly shining and one performance that stood out was Casey Affleck in Manchester By The Sea, as it went on to win him the Best Actor award.

The film tells the story of a man, Lee Chandler, who returns to the town he used to live in with his family, after the tragic death of his brother. Left as the carer for his brother’s son, Patrick, the film sees the pair’s relationship develop under a strained curtain as both try to grow up together. Affleck’s character comes face to face with his ex-wife Randi, played by Michelle Williams, and his back story becomes the dark undertone of this witty and emotional piece.

Many coming of age stories are told from a teenager’s point of view. However, in this film, it is actually shown in a clever and sophisticated way by placing the coming of age story on both Affleck’s elder figure and his co-star Lucas Hedges teenager.

Both have to grow and both don’t know how to do it under the struggles of everyday life after the death of their brother and father. Chandler’s past story also provides audiences with a reason why the man hasn’t been able to grow further. Instead, he seems to have run away from his past until it has been forced to catch up with him.

Affleck’s performance finally makes him come out from the shadow he has been under from his brother Ben. Knowing that Matt Damon was meant to be Affleck’s place, there is a great sense of relief and not in a horrible way, but one that is just thankful, because without Damon giving up the role, we wouldn’t see Affleck portray a character and a story this way.

His role is gripping and you never know what is going on with his character until he starts to let you in. But his back story is told in a way that seems like he has to grow to trust his audience before he can share with them the story he has hidden for a long time. Affleck’s heartbreak seems so real that at times you forget that you are watching a character.

As does Williams and Hedges figures, who both make your hearts tighten as you see the remorse, pain and heartache that they are going through. Williams’s performance is so remarkable that you can’t quite stop thinking about it for a long time afterwards, as you see the characters deep feelings lie bare.

Although, while the story and the characters are often going through tough times, the story is actually given a light feel with its comedic elements. The script contains witty and often clever remarks that make you want to know more about what they are facing and how they are going to end up.

In the face of hard times, it is these moments that make the performances and plot so believable and watchable. There so I am giving the film...

5 Stars

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