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Good Morning Lovelies,

Today I want you to get up and dance, sing and have a jolly enjoyable time because finally, after months of waiting, La La Land is out on DVD and Blu-ray as of today. Forget what happened at the Oscars, because this film is so much more than an award show mix up. It is a colourful film that will bring you so much joy.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? I hadn’t until I sat down and watched La La Land. I felt like my emotions had been mixed up in a big blender and by the end of the film, I wanted to watch and experience it all over again. Still after months of seeing it over and over again.

After a huge amount of news, footage and talk of the film, it is easy to see why the world is so wrapped up in it. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the lead roles, the film follows their characters, Sebastian and Mia, as they struggle to achieve their dreams, whilst being wrapped up in a musical love story of their own.

Instantly the film begins on a high. With the classic cinemascope cameras, you feel, even for the first time, that you are sitting down to watch a film that will stand the test of time. Then in a mix of colours and music, director Damien Chazelle swirls the audience up into the sky for a film that is just a pure joy to watch.

From the bright colours, catchy songs and humorous elements, the love story isn’t just between but with the whole film industry as well and Chazelle makes it seem like a world that isn’t real. Yet, you so want it to be. You want to be stuck in a traffic jam with people singing and dancing around you about the sun. You want to be able to enter a jazz club and be blown away and you want to have someone fall for you like the two characters do.

However, the story isn’t all about perfection. It is about the human side of Hollywood that those in the audience don’t always see. As Mia gets turned down for roles and Seb finds that people don’t want him to play the music he wants to, they show their dismay on screen. They show the raw side of Hollywood that is normally painted in multi colours to look so much better than it can actually be towards people. Something clever done by Chazelle and his leading actors.

Gosling and Stone have always seemed to have an easy connection on screen and again in this film, they are perfectly placed within the roles. There is nothing that doesn’t scream that this isn’t the perfect role for them and under Chazelle’s direction they have expressed a film of pure beauty. And when I say beauty, I mean the most gorgeous film you will watch in a long time.

Add in supporting roles from J.K. Simmons and John Legend and you have a film that also shines for other reasons. They both know how to make their characters influence Gosling’s and Stone’s, to add a sense of a vinyl going off course.

The most beautiful element of the film though is the music. Go back in time to the 50s and 60s musicals that have now become the must watch features because of the music in them and this is what this film is like. Embracing the world of Jazz and at times interesting versions of pop (honestly wait until you see Ryan Gosling at the pool party near the start of the film), the music is full of uplifting pieces. Songs that make you tear up and others that make you want to leave the cinema, chase your dreams and dance across the world.

Of course, we are all familiar with City of Stars and Another Day of Sun now, both brilliant, but it is the raw emotion Stone shows in Audition, the party feels in Someone in the Crowd and the Epilogue music that really pull at your heart strings the most. Pasek and Paul have written music that is now going to be added to the best soundtracks of all time, along with composer Justin Hurwitz.

I may be biased but I honestly can’t see any faults with this film. There is something that is so raw and beautiful about it that I can’t honestly get over it. Sitting here now, I can feel my mind going mad, my heart pumping and the pure joy of the film still running through my veins. If you need anything to make you certain that 2017 is already a lot better than 2016 it is this film!

The film has earned this huge city of stars rating...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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