Hacksaw Ridge DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Andrew Garfield was on a roll during the 2017 award ceremonies, as he took his nominations and brought them to life, with his kissing antics at the Golden Globes to his very cute appearance at the Oscars. But it was all down to the film, Hacksaw Ridge that we got to enjoy these moments’ lovelies!

Directed by Mel Gibson and starring Garfield and Teresa Palmer, the film follows Garfield’s young US army medic, who never carried a weapon while treating the injured soldiers he stood next too. Saving lives and the bloody act of war tell this story that should have been told a long time ago. It is a key part of WWII and history in fact.

Garfield gives one of the best performances of his career in this film and makes sure that audiences remember the true story that he is portraying on screen. He has proven that he can do any character that is given to him with ease and heart. However, there is something lack lustre about the rest of the film.

For such an amazing film, there seems to be a quality about it that is missing. Something that is key or that should be there when telling a story of this scale. The heart of the characters co-characters. The men he works with and treats don’t seem to have their stories thought of as much.

Instead, the story goes from being soft to bloody in 30 seconds flat at times, which can be true to war, but the placement of the scenes that make it seem like it is being glorified. Garfield’s character may get this treatment and it is a success but this shouldn’t be the way the rest of the film is shown.

Gibson should have been a bit gentler about the placement of certain moments in the film. He has let it flip around too much and it feels like we are missing important elements to the story and the history of the character.

And there so I am giving the film...

3 Stars

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Joey X

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