Bonded By Blood 2 DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Growing up I had brothers who all had different kinds of films that they would watch and enjoy. Whilst my brother John enjoyed comedies, thrillers and anything with Denzel Washington in, my brother Robert had very different tastes. He was and still is the person who rushes to the cinema to see films such as Green Street and The Football Factory.

This mix of films made me find out about different genres and since then I have watched everything. Including the sequel to Bonded By Blood, Bonded By Blood 2. With shotguns, strip joints and deals being handed out every few scenes, the film is a classic English gangster film.

Starring Sam Strike and George Russo, the film brings back the old gang as they rule Essex’s criminal underworld. Threatened by a new gang, filled with younger members, the film is an interesting and very over the top gangster film.

Whilst many use the underworld to bring thrilling moments, the action seen on screen in this film is more comedic than dark. There are many predictable moments and you can sense that what they are doing or saying wouldn’t actually happen.

There so I am giving the film...

2 Stars

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Joey X

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