Get Ready For Summer With These Refreshing Veggie Naked Pressed Smoothies


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Do you ever fancy a smoothie or cold drink and never know what to go for? I honestly feel like this is my life problem, as I will admit that I am a very fussy drinker.

To me tea and water are my loves, but if I can find something healthy and enjoyable I will always give it a go. So when I heard that Naked Pressed were celebrating Vegetarian Week with some veggie filled flavours I was quick to ask if I could try them.

With fruit, spices and vegetables involved, the juices arrived in a very colourful looking collection that instantly made me smile. However, when I actually read what was in them I was a little worried.

Deciding to trust my favourite veggie juice, I tucked into the carrot filled one first. And I loved it! With the added vanilla flavours it was a really sweet treat. In fact it kind of reminded me of a carrot cake in a bottle. Only healthier!

The next one I tried was the beetroot filled red treat, which was probably the one I was most scared about! I am a little bit weird with beetroot and can take it or leave it at the best of times. So when I opened the bottle I was happy to find that it actually smelt really sweet. The perfect beets had obviously been picked for this one, because unlike the earthy taste you sometimes get with beets, this drink tasted sweet and savoury all at once. I may not go for this flavour again with the carrot one around, but I would never say no to it.

Finally I went with the classic green smoothie which included lettuce. I don't think I have ever had a smoothie with lettuce in, but I was open to trying it. This smoothie reminded me straight away of a replacement lunchtime meal. It was very filling and had a nice taste to it. If you are on the go this might fill you up until you can grab an actual meal. For me though, it mostly felt like an after workout dream.

Overall I was impressed with the mix of vegetables in the smoothies. There were so many different varieties that I wasn't sure how they would all come together, but they have been made with care and attention. All of them work and all of them have a great veggie taste!

Thank you so much Naked Pressed for allowing me to try them. If you would like to try them too lovelies, you can find them in shops now.

Happy belated National Vegetarian Week everyone! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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