First Look At Cannes Film Festival Favourite How To Talk To Girls At Parties


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With Cannes Film Festival 2017 well underway, we are getting our first glimpse at some of the films that are going to take over our screens later this year, including the recently premiered film, How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp and Nicole Kidman, the film was originally created as a short story, before becoming this big-screen adventure about the birth of punk, first love, and the greatest mystery of all: HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES.

Set in 1977, the London-based film follows Henry –also known as Enn- and his friends as they embark on the biggest night out of their lives. Not bothered by the Silver Jubilee celebrations taking place in the posh areas of Croydon, the boys work hard to be liked by local punk matriarch Boadicea and her followers by gate-crashing one of their parties. However, what they find is a house full of teenage students: exotic, foreign, unbelievably gorgeous.

Deciding that they are from America, ladies’ man Vic finds the discovery very interesting, whilst Enn falls for Zan, played by Fanning, who is an outsider just like him. Deciding to support her world of punk, parties and music, Enn and Zan find themselves going on the ultimate 24-hour adventure.

The film is yet to announce its release date, but this amazing poster has got me all excited for it...

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