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To celebrate the home entertainment release of the third season of The Legacy on Monday, I spoke to one of the shows lead actors, Carsten Bjornlund all about what we can expect from this series, what he is working on next and why the show is such a hit.

Firstly congratulations on the show’s third season! What was it about this season that made you excited to create it?
Thank you very much. We're very proud of this third and final season. One of the things that exited me about it was that it was brave. Brave in its structure as well as its themes. And also for me personally it was quite an exciting challenge to the feelings related to losing a child.

For those who may not know what The Legacy is about, could you explain to them what it is about?
To me obviously it's a show about family in its direct sense but also, I think, in a wider sense it considers society as a family and comments on what we pass on from generation to generation.

What was it like developing this character even further on the show?
It has been a great joy for me from the beginning to be with Frederik and in season three even more as we were invited into the writers den from an early stage. The fact that I was given so much trust really thrilled me and gave me the lust to dive even further into the darkness of the character.

The story is about family, what is it about this genre do you think people find most interesting?
I think, most people can connect to the issues of this family. Whether you're a sister, a mother or a son it's all very recognisable. The feelings and mechanisms that run in families are something we all know about and can relate to. Even if you have lost your family you will still know exactly what you're missing and why.

Is there a scene that you are most proud of or one that you would like audiences to look out for? Why this one?
There's a scene between Gro, Emil and Frederik in which Gro tries to talk Frederik into being a part of her performance. It takes place in an old barn loft and was the last scene shot between the three siblings. I can reveal, there was heavy crying when we were done.

Finally can you tell us anything about what we can expect to see you in next or what you are working on?
I'm hitting cinemas in August with the first Danish Sci-Fi in 20 years. It's called “QEDA” and the trailer is available online already. I'm quite proud of being a part of director Max Kestners’ first feature film and look forward to showing it to the public.

During summer I will be shooting a new mini-series for DR, together with Sofie Gråbøl and Connie Nielsen and I hope you'll be able to catch it in the UK.

Thank you so much to Carsten Bjornlund for speaking to the blog! Don’t miss the DVDs release on Monday lovelies.
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