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A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to speak to Natalie Madueño, the star of the upcoming release Follow The Money season two. And of course, I said yes!

Together, we spoke about what tips she learnt from season one, how the story is continued and what she is working on next after completing Follow The Money. Enjoy lovelies…

Firstly, congratulations on such a fantastic second series. How does it feel to hear such good things about it?
Thank you very, very much. I think everyone, no matter what you do, appreciates when their work is applauded and recognised. No matter if you are a plumber, a lawyer or an actor. So, I am very happy and very thankful to hear that people like it.

For those who haven’t seen the second series, could you sum it up for us, please?
It is still a series about financial crime, greed and the consequences of giving into this greed. But this time the battle takes place in the world of the banks. As the last season, it is a territory unknown to many people. We all have bank accounts and may know a bit about the economy and maybe even some things about the big business of the banks. But do we really know what goes on behind closed doors? This season will take you behind those doors and into the offices and lives of those who (in some way) run the world and the economy. And again, the characters are pushed to their limits, they will have to face moral and ethical dilemmas and be challenged in their thoughts about right and wrong.

How did you find it preparing to make the second series? Did you have any tips or tricks from making series one?
When I started shooting the first season, I had just finished drama school, so the biggest difference between the first and the second season was definitely the experience. Now I know a lot of tricks and technical things about working on screen and with a camera.
I've also learned not to eat so much sugar and sweets from the coffee tables on set - those sugar rushes in the afternoon when you've been up since 4am do me nothing good. Drink coffee instead - very good tip to remember... for me at least.

Is there a moment in the second series that you think people should look out for or that you enjoyed best? Why this scene?
I have a couple of favourite scenes in the second season. One of them is actually the first scene when Claudia is released from prison. The outlook to freedom when she receives her belongings, the taxi ride home and the scene when she enters her home for the first time in years, only to find it almost remote and desolate. This enormous feeling of loneliness and abandonment that follows was a very interesting thing to portray. A situation that should have led to some sort of catharsis and release, but ends up feeling completely different. What does it take to start over again, can you ever have a fresh and new beginning, and what do you do to the ones you love, the ones that you have let down?

Is there going to be a third series? If so where do you see the characters and the story going?
I think this question should be answered by the producers and the writers. There is definitely different ways you could see the story and the characters evolve, but where to exactly is an impossible question for me to answer at this point.

Finally, can you tell us about what you are working on now or what we can look forward to seeing you in in the future?
I just finished a play, A WINTERS TALE, where I played Hermione and right now I just started rehearsals on another play, THE CELEBRATION, one of the original Danish Dogma movies, but this time on stage. In June, I start rehearsals for HAMLET, where I will be playing Ophelia. It will be in English, which is a very big dream of mine - to play Shakespeare in English. And while rehearsing and performing these plays, I am shooting a Spanish movie and a TV series in Denmark, so I have a lot of wonderful things going on right now. I'm very thankful and happy for that.

Don’t miss the second season of Follow The Money on DVD from the 10th April!

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