Follow The Money Season Two DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

As it comes to an end on BBC Four, Nordic Noir & Beyond drama, Follow The Money, brings its second season to DVD and Blu-Ray!

Based around the world of money, stocks and economic crime, the second series picks up where the first season left off, bringing us into the heart on an investigation. When a small carpentry business goes bankrupt in a mysterious way, the team must find out what happened, as well as solving crimes as they happen along the way.

Dark and dramatic performances are presented throughout the show and it continues to add a mysterious presence as you watch. You are not entirely sure if the team are all as innocent as they seem within the crimes and the on-screen villains are made to be even more dangerous because of it.

There is a vibe throughout that makes you want to watch on because of this. You need to know who did it and it sucks you right in. You could easily lose yourself in a binge-watch of epic proportions when watching the second season of this show.

Just as gripping and as interesting as the first season, Follow The Money has earned itself this huge…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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