Brotherhood Of Blades DVD Review


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Recent films like Assassins Creed have given audiences a new kind of genre to enjoy and the themes are continuing in the new film, Brotherhood of Blades, which is out on DVD and digitally from today! 

Described by others as one of the best martial arts films of recent times, the film is directed by Lu Yang, a man who can bring to life some of the best action sequences with a plot that doesn’t fail.

In the film, the fight scenes and body counts are high, as the story tells the final years of the Ming Dynasty. With a fight to end all fights planned out, the film follows the Emperor as he commands his soldiers to take on the powerful enemy that he has built.

The film flies into the action from almost the moment it begins and doesn’t let up until the film ends. There is action around every corner and it is shot in a very delicate way for a battle scene. However, there is a few issues.

For some audience members, the plot does tend to get a little bit lost in the action. Almost as if they are fighting between the two. It is one of the only films in which Yang has managed to do this.

There so I am giving the film…

3 Stars

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Joey X

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