Decline And Fall DVD Review


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Not many films or TV shows would have a cast like this. Starring comedian Jack Whitehall and Hollywood star Eva Longoria, the latest in BBC’s classic story telling comes to life, as Decline and Fall, shows Evelyn Waugh’s story come to life.

Joined by David Suchet, the three-part show follows Paul Pennyfeather, played by Whitehall, as he gets expelled from Oxford University and is forced to go into teaching at a boarding school in Wales. Having to live with his own mistakes, Paul turns to drink, along with the other teachers, to help him comes to terms with what he has lost.

Along the way he meets Margot Beste-Chetwynde, the mother of one of the students at his school, who he hopes will make his time at the school and in his new position a lot better.

With Whitehall in the leading role, it is very much like the clocks have been turned and the story has changed to show Bad Education in a different period. However, instead of falling for his co-workers, he falls for one of the parents, played so well by Longoria, as she takes a completely different turn to what we have all seen her in before.

Together the two may seem to be an unlikely success, but they manage to tell the story so well and they bring the classic story back to life with a new heart and glow about it.

This review isn’t going to let this show decline and fall with this rating...

4 Stars

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